Can I stay with my dog during the massage?

Yes, in most cases I encourage you to stay with your dog during their massage treatments as it helps them to stay calm and relaxed. It also gives you the opportunity to see what I am doing and ask questions as they come to mind. I treat every dog as an individual and the first session will often reveal the best approach - some dogs like to have their owners stay right beside them, others are happy if their owner is sitting nearby and sometimes some just won’t settle unless their owner is out of the room!

How many sessions will my dog need to show an improvement?

Every dog is different and the amount of sessions will depend on a number of factors. Generally results will be seen in 1-3 sessions. Dogs with Orthopaedic conditions such as arthritis may benefit from ongoing maintenance sessions, others may only need a massage 3- 4 times a year.

Does my dog need to have an issue or problem to benefit from massage?

No, every dog can benefit from massage - which is why it is such a fantastic therapy for dogs! Every day activities like slipping on wooden floors or jumping on and off the sofa can result in small injuries that you might not see. Dogs are excellent at hiding pain and symptoms but over time these activities can lead to bigger injuries and issues. Massage is an excellent way of maintaining good muscular health and flexibility.

Why do I need my vet’s consent?

Your dog’s health and welfare is my top priority and it is important for me to know if it is safe to treat your dog. Some dogs may have underlying conditions or there may be a contraindication to massage which means I cannot treat them. The law in the UK is very clear about who can and cannot treat an animal. Under the Veterinary Act 1966 and the Veterinary Surgery Exemption Order 1962, it is illegal for any non-veterinary therapist to treat an animal without veterinary consent which is why I can only treat your dog with veterinary consent. 

Are there any reasons why a dog cannot have massage treatment?

Sometimes there are good reasons why a dog can’t receive massage treatment, which is why veterinary consent is essential. Here are some of the most common reasons;


Will my dog experience any discomfort or side effects from massage?

Most dogs don’t experience any discomfort or side effects. However every dog is different. If your dog requires deep muscular and/or myofascial work then it can be uncomfortable - if you have ever had a deep tissue or sports massage then you will understand! However I am always careful to thoroughly warm up the muscles beforehand and will take any deeper work very slowly. After the massage, some dogs may experience what is known as the Healing Crisis which means they can experience side effects which typically last between 24-48 hours.