What is Therapeutic Canine massage

Therapeutic Canine Massage (TCM) is a comprehensive Remedial Bodywork System that utilises 4 Disciplines of Massage (Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and Myofascial release Techniques) and involves the assessment, Manipulation and movement of Muscles and Fascia to resolve or manage pain and dysfunction. The focus of TCM is to work with Veterinary Diagnosed conditions (Arthritis, Common Orthopaedic conditions such as Hip dysplasia) to rehabilitate muscular dysfunction that is restricting range of motion, inhibiting movement and affecting posture which in turn is causing pain. TCM is a multi-disciplinary approach that specifically addresses Muscular Imbalance, Postural Changes, trauma related Muscular Injuries, Mobility Issues and Orthopaedic Issues.

TCM can address many day to day mobility issues, for example you may have noticed a change in the way your dog stands or you may have seen your dog limping or walking differently, you may have noticed changes in their daily activity such as not wanting to jump in or out of the car or they may be reluctant to go up and down the stairs. Dogs experience pain just the same as we do and TCM can help to resolve changes in character, for example if you’ve noticed that your dog seems to have lost their ‘sparkle’, or is getting old before their time or doesn’t like being groomed or touched in certain areas, or if you are seeing quivering skin and twitching down their back, this may be an indication of muscle soreness. It can also help your dog with performance issues if they compete, for example in agility, flyball, working trials, obedience, or in the show ring.

TCM is a hands-on, natural and drug free therapy that involves the skilled manipulation of muscles and soft tissue structures of the body to help prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort and stress. It focuses on the muscular system but also improves the functioning of the circulatory, lymphatic, skeletal, digestive and nervous systems as well as helping the body to recover after injury, illness and surgery. 

As well as treating specific issues, a Canine massage is a fantastic opportunity for a thorough body check. Lumps, bumps or growths are not always obvious to owners because they can lie deep within the dog’s system. I work best practice and will always refer you back to your vet should I find any areas of concern.