Treatment and Cost

The initial consultation will last approximately 90 minutes and I will ask you about your dogs’ medical history, Lifestyle, diet, supplements and what results you are hoping to see. 

I will also ask you to move your dog at different paces so I can assess their gait and also their posture. This is then followed by a full body palpation. Palpation means to ‘see with your hands’. It is through this skill that I am able to detect soft tissue injuries precisely and effectively, because they don’t show up on MRI scans or X-rays they are often missed. I will thoroughly examine your dog with my hands to feel for areas of scarring, injury, soreness, pain, spasm, trigger points, temperature changes and muscular issues. This also gives me and your dog a chance to get to know each other and for them to build trust and feel comfortable, which is extremely important to me.

The massage consists of a blend of 4 types, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Myofascial Release. Each massage is tailored to suit your dog, I don’t follow a routine and I take into account your dog’s issues as well as how they respond during the massage to give them the best treatment possible. After the massage, I will explain what I have found and may leave you with a set of instructions to follow so your dog can benefit fully from their treatment.



£35 for Initial Consultation and Treatment: approximately 90 minutes
£30 for Subsequent Treatments: approximately 60 minutes
Best results are usually seen when a dog has three treatments over a three week period but every dog is different. I will discuss what is best for your dog with you at the initial consultation. Home visits can be arranged for a small extra charge


Veterinary Consent

All Guild Members work in strict adherence with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and 1962 and you will need to get your vet to complete a consent form before I can start massage therapy; this is so your vet can confirm that your dog has no contraindications to massage and that it is safe for me to treat them.
I will work alongside your vet to ensure your dog gets the care they deserve, providing your vet with a written report to keep them updated with improvements in your dog.

You can download a Veterinary Consent form by clicking here

Once you have obtained consent, you will need to bring the signed form to your first appointment. Please note that without veterinary consent I am unable to treat your dog.


Post Treatment: The Healing Crisis

The Healing Crisis is a cleansing and purifying state which occurs as the body attempts to dispel toxins and metabolic waste and return to a state of natural balance. It is normal for your dog to experience this after a massage and they may be quieter, tired or lethargic after their very first session of Canine Massage Therapy. The Healing Crisis is actually a sign that the treatment is working and is proof that the body is going through the process of cleansing itself of impurities and toxins.

Symptoms can include:

The Healing Crisis may last for 24-48 hours and it is advisable to encourage rest, light exercise and constant access to fresh water.